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A report on the state of the environment for South Africa
DSC 0062This report differs somewhat from its predecessors, in the sense that instead of adopting a scenarios-based approach, the thinking developed around the future environmental state has been crystallized using an ‘impact mapping’ tool within the trends in environmental data and socio-economic policy directions that have emerged since the advent of democracy in South Africa in 1994. The aim of this approach was to highlight critical areas, where debates and interventions need to occur and which require understanding, co-ordination and co-operation across the different sectors and decision-making levels of society, from the individual and community level to the corporate and government level.

For more detailed information you are encouraged to read the comprehensice report. 
The 2nd South Africa Environment Outlook (SAEO) report provides a national ‘big picture’ snapshot of how South Africa is performing in terms of short- and long-term responses to changing conditions and to assess the effects of human interventions and management actions.

For more detailed information you are encouraged to the comprehensive report:

Part I  

Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: Sustainability in South Africa                                        
Chpater 4: Governance 

Part II 

Chapter 6: Land
Chapter 8: Inland water 
Chapter 9: Oceans and coasts 
Chapter 10: Air quality 
Chapter 11: Climate change
Chapter 12: Energy 
Chapter 13: Waste management 

Part III

Chapter 14: Environmental outlook 

Part IV 

Chapter 15: Options for action 

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