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State of Air report 2005:
State of Air report CoverFrom 1965 to 2005, the approach to air quality management in South Africa was informed and driven by the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act (Act No. 45 of 1965) (APPA). For many years this Act was regarded as ineffective for a number of reasons, not least of which was the broadly held belief that APPA and specifically the way APPA was implemented, had not defended South Africa’s air quality from the emergence of various air pollution “hotspots” around the country. In essence the emergence of these hotspots is often considered to be a result of APPA’s specific focus on individual source emissions without effectively considering the accumulative impacts of these emissions. To overcome this, there was a need to start somewhere. And that starting point is the first South African State of Air Report. This document is first and foremost aimed at providing all South Africans with a picture of what South Africa’s air looked like at that time.

Download full report... 9291.81kb

South Africa Environment Outlook: 
The South African Environment Outlook is the latest national state of the environment report released by the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism. The report contains authoritative information on the state of our environment and provides a glimpse of what our environment may look like 20 years from now if current trends continue. For the first time, the element of human vulnerability to environmental change is prominently featured in the report.
South Africa Environment Outlook: Executive summary and key findings
This summary document sets out the report’s main conclusions and makes a series of recommendations for action that should be considered in order to see improvement in the state of our environment over time.  Key findings for each of the eight major environmental themes are also presented.
Download document (12191.63kb)
Imvelo Yethu - Youth State of Environment Report:
The Youth State of the Environment Report was developed by youth representatives from across South Africa in collaboration with the National Youth Commission. This is a report by young people for young people.

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