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Landings for Hake fishery

Demersal trawl fishery

Environmental Goal

To manage and monitor South Africa's demersal trawl fishery industry


Hake fisheries
Commercial catch landed for hake fishery (Merluccius paradoxus and M. capensis) from offshore and inshore trawl, hand-line, and long-line catches, 1960–2003
Source:  Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism: Marine and Coastal Management - Demersal Section

Are we making progress?

The demersal trawl fishery is South Africa’s second largest fishery in terms of the amount of fish landed (163 500 tonnes in 2003; see Figure 7.12) and the most important in terms of value, having contributed some R1.6 billion in 2003 (47% of the total revenue of South African fisheries).  The deep-sea hake (demersal offshore trawl) lands the highest value catch, contributing 44% to the total revenue of South African fisheries.
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